About us

Qcyclewear is driven by innovation, customization and technology, providing an air of uniqueness to cycle wear drawn out from our designer’s creativity and talent. Our personality is defined by our ability to capture our client’s essence and print it in the products we manufacture specifically to fulfill all their needs. We challenge ourselves and push the boundaries of what people believe possible in cycle wear design.


What We’re Here For?
To design and create athletic apparel that certifies style and embodies the spirit of achievement through sports.

Things That Are Important to Us
Honesty and integrity within our people, our company and our community, evolution through creativity and innovation.

Our Culture
We endorse a relaxed atmosphere with ambition and a can-do attitude.


Q cares for every one that is involved in the process of creating all of the Q family products. From the designers, to our amazing seamstress, cutters, printers, packers and everyone that in one way or another is in contact to the final product. All this magic happens between Mexico and San Diego, and we are proud to be a very diversified company that has no political, religious or race issues. We know we are competing with huge factories overseas, but we are confident and certain that keeping our production in house will benefit our customers 100%. And as much as we care for our people, we care for our clients and partners and we make sure that they are always taken care of. Because when they become a client, they become part of the Q family and our number one priority.