Cycling Gear

Our cycling jerseys have a race fit so we suggest sizing 1 or even 2 sizes up if you like a more loose fit.
Our Cycling products are designed to last and withstand rough weather and ride conditions. Along with comfortability, enjoy ample ventilation and fast drying fabric.
The NanoSphere® finish gives an extremely high level of water and dirt repellence to textiles. In addition, the finish is highly abrasion-resistant. Nanosphere® is permanent on the fabric, even when subjected to considerable wear and tear as well as frequent washing and cleaning.

Coldblack® reduces this absorption of thermal radiation. This function is particularly effective in the case of darker colors. The result is a noticeably better heat management. In comparison to light colors, dark colors absorb more heat in direct sunlight. The heat absorption can be reduced to a minimum with Coldblack®, the UVA- and UVB-protection textile finish from Schoeller Technologies. Coldblack® reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from the sun’s rays. Consequently, the wear comfort of textiles can be noticeably improved.